About Oracle ACEs

Oracle ACEs have expertise in areas such as Database Management & Performance, Cloud, Applications & Apps Tech, Linux, Data Science, and Engineered Systems. These community thought leaders are speakers at top industry events such as Kscope, DOAG, Collaborate, and UKOUG Techfest. Besides presenting, writing, or sharing on social media, Oracle ACEs also play a leadership role in user groups, answer questions in forums, and provide Oracle product management with feedback. The Oracle ACE Program award is given for a one-year term.

Oracle ACE Program Levels

The Oracle Program has been revamped and updated.

Please check latest details on : https://ace.oracle.com

Oracle ACE Program is comprised of three levels: The Oracle ACE Associate, Oracle ACE Pro, and Oracle ACE Director. An individual’s level is determined by how long they have been contributing to the Oracle community and the amount of content they produce. The Oracle ACE program supports community advocates in building their reputation and sharing their knowledge.

Oracle ACE Associate: This level is ideal for community advocates who are building their reputations. An ACE Associate has contributed in the community for at least one year.

Oracle ACE Pro: This level is comprised of established Oracle advocates who have been sharing their knowledge with the community for at least three years.

Oracle ACE Director: This level is comprised of top-tier community members who not only have been sharing their knowledge with the community for years, but who also participate in an ongoing dialog with Oracle and the people who use Oracle products in the "real world." Oracle ACE Directors are also known to their peers as experts in their area of focus.