•Shell Script Course Introductions


•Course Summary

Linux Commands

Processing & Listing

•Processes and Directories

•Displaying Processes – ps

•Displaying Directories – ls

•Getting Help – man

•Simple Commands used for processing

•Using Wildcards

File Creation and Displaying

•Creating files – using > symbol

•Redirection – using >> symbol

•Redirecting Input – using < symbol

•Displaying Files – cat, more

•Piping – using | symbol

•Word Count

•Sorting a file

•Removing duplicates


•Using Head and Tail command in files

Files Handling

•Creating directory

•Moving files to directories

•Copying files to directories

•Changing directory

•Removing files and directories

•Special Files–. and.

•Creating Aliases

•Using Aliases

Cut and Paste

•Displaying selected characters – using cut

•Displaying selected fields – using delimiters

•Displaying selected files – using paste

•Using the paste with delimiters


•Displaying content of the file using GREP

•Displaying content of the file using EGREP

•Back Referencing concepts


•Zipping a file

•Unzipping a file

•Combining a set of files using TAR

•Extracting TAR file

•Using TAR with ZIP

FIND command

•Searching for a file – using find

•Finding List of files and directories

•Finding Last modified files

•Find with -exec

•Find with -xargs

Handling Jobs

•Using /dev/null

•Foreground Jobs

•Background Jobs – &

•Stopping Jobs – kill

•Changing Permissions – chmod

Shell Programming

Introduction to Shell

•Basics of Shell

•Set and Unset a variable

•Displaying – using echo

•Using Expr

•Using Test

•Getting input – using read

•Header file of shell script – using Shabang (#!)

•Sample Shell script program

Command Substitution

•Assigning a command to a variable

•Storing output to a variable

•Assigning global value – using Export

Command Line Arguments

•Passing input in runtime.

•Using input inside a program

Conditional & Looping Statement

•Using if statement

•Using the if-else statement

•Using Nested if statement

•Using ‘While’ Loop

•Using ‘Until’ Loop

•Using ‘For’ Loop

•Using ‘Switch’ Loop

•Using CASE


•Creating a function

•Calling a function in file

•Calling a function in another file

Advanced Commands


•Replacing values in a file


•Sending an email – using MAIL





•Vi Editor


•Basics of AWK

•Displaying values – using awk

•Using awk in Shell script


•Scheduling a job – using ‘Crontab’


•Monitoring a file

•Connecting Oracle Database via Shell

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