Oracle ACEs - How and Why !! - My Journey

Oracle Ace is a recognition Program by Oracle for all those individuals who
have expertise in areas such as Database Management & Performance, Cloud, Applications & Apps Tech, Linux, Data Science,  Engineered Systems, and many more...

Oracle Ace Program has 3 levels 

Oracle ACE Associate: This level is ideal for community advocates who are building their reputations. An ACE Associate has contributed in the community for at least one year.

Oracle ACE Pro: This level is comprised of established Oracle advocates who have been sharing their knowledge with the community for at least three years.

Oracle ACE Director: This level is comprised of top-tier community members who not only have been sharing their knowledge with the community for years but who also participate in an ongoing dialog with Oracle and the people who use Oracle products in the "real world." Oracle ACE Directors are also known to their peers as experts in their area of focus.

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But the question still remains the same How and Why !!!

Note: Everything written here is based on my experience and totally my personal views. You have the full right to disagree.

I recently got recognized as an Oracle ACE by Oracle ACE Program. Many people asked me about how they can get this.  The things which we can do for becoming an Ace are already given on the Oracle Ace page(link mentioned above), But I have collated some points about your approach and thought process based on my opinion.

Dedication and Determination

Firstly you should have dedication and determination for whatever you want to do(blogging, books, oracle community forum, etc). Don't just do it for getting an Oracle Ace recognition. if your intention is just to get an Ace, then this is not for you. This program continues to evaluate you every year.


Be disciplined in your work and continue doing your hard work on a regular basis. It's not magic that happens within a day or a month.. it takes time and you should not get demotivated with time and phases in life. Also once you are an Ace don't get a laid-back attitude. With this recognition, you have more responsibilities towards Oracle Community.


As the saying goes "A single step today will take you ahead than those who even don't move"

I try to learn something each day, even it a simple small thing that might look very basic or easy but when do the same thing for 365 days, at the end of the year we would have learned 365 new things. 

Be Helpful

"Knowledge expands and sharpens with sharing and rusts out when kept hidden"

Always try to help others with the knowledge you have gained in all the years,  without expecting anything in return. If you have that attitude you will always succeed. 
I run many WhatsApp and telegram group, People put a lot of questions and I try to help them as much as I can but still many things might be there which I don't know, but that gives me more motivation to learn much more and try to find the answers to those questions as well.

Still, the problem here is that people are reluctant to help others until they don't have there own benefit, I want to request everyone to help the Oracle community. Don't assume yourself to be inferior to anyone else. 
I always consider that everyone has their own set of skills and they are experts on that.

"Good things take time and lasts forever"

Come out Of Comfort Zone

"You cannot see the Big Picture while sitting inside the frame."

'I don't have time to do all these things' -- I hear these a lot from many people, But just get a goal and vision for your self and you will always get atleast 15-30 mins a day for your own growth. If you think of yourself as a business then you can get something to increase the value of your business.

Positive Surroundings

"Those who can't go up tries to pull others down"

You will meet many people in the office, personal space, neighbors who try to demotivate you in what you are doing. My only advice is just to hear them and ignore them. Positive people around you will always support you in your career and life.

I would like to see more and more people coming out and helping others and automatically you will get to the path which will take you to Oracle Ace Program.

Reach Out to Me or any Oracle Ace's and all would be ready to advise/help.