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System Requirements:

RAM: 12+ GB

Harddisk 500 GB free


Architecture of  Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2

Oracle Application History

What is ERP?

Architecture of R12.2

Differences from Previous Versions

Components of R12.2 Oracle Applications

Creation of R12.2 Staging Area & Installation

 Virtual Box Installation with OEL   Server for Installation

 Pre-requisites – OS Setup

 Installation Basics and Known Issues

 Installation of R12.2.0 Live 

 Hands-On R12.2 Navigation (EBS and Weblogic Console)


File System & Important Files in R12.2

Dual File System

Database Tier File System

Patch & Run Time Edition

WebLogic. OHS, Forms Config File

Log Files for Start/Stop, Patch, Clone, AutoConfig

Administration in R12.2

Start/Stop Database Tier

Start/Stop Apps Tier Services

Start Individual Components

FMW Concepts For AppsDBA – Weblogic 

Weblogic Basics

Administration using Weblogic

Node Manager 

Patching in AppsDBA – ADOP

Patching in Oracle Applications

Type of Patches

Online Patching Tools

ADOP Command Line and Options

All the Adop cycle definitions
Detailed information of ADOP cycle
Sequence of ADOP patching cycle

AD Utilities 

Ad-Utilites Basics

ADADMIN – In Detail

ADCTRL – In Detail

Other Utilities

AutoConfig – Apps & DB Tier


Basics to Detail of AutoConfig

Changes in R12.2

Cloning in EBS R12.2 (DB & Apps Tier)

Rapid Cloning Concepts


Pre-Cloning and Cloning

Post Clone Configuration

Password Management 

Type of Passwords

Changing Apps Password

Change Schema Password

End User Password Update

Change Weblogic Password

Concurrent Managers

Concurrent Request & Request Set

Concurrent Manager & Type

Managing Concurrent Manager

Long running requests

Workflow Management

Configure Inbound and Output Server

Working with Cloud Server

Day to Day Apps DBA Support Activities

Forms Report Compilation

Logs Providing

Health Checks

Daily Tickets handling

Working in a Team

Important Scripts and Troubleshooting

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