Guided Project Cycle to Practice EBS  Implement, Build, and Upgrade from 12.1 to 12.2 

Last Updated on Dec-2022(Added Cloud Migration Step)

Do you want to practice an EBS environment upgrade step by step? I have prepared this guide to help you practice the upgrade at your comfort. It will involve a lot of steps and will need your dedication. I am doing these steps to share hands-on experience on upgrades. Each step can be used as an individual project as well. This is very important to prepare of apps DBA.
It will give a very good understanding of EBS with practical examples.
Try to perform each and learn.

Note: I will focus the steps on the EBS part rather than Linux server concepts.
I prefer you are aware of Linux commands. 
I Try to keep updating this to make sure more activities can be performed on Hand-ons.

Click to each step to learn and perform the action with detailed action items


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