In Oracle E-Business Suite, Concurrent Managers are responsible for managing concurrent requests, which are background processes that perform various tasks such as running reports, submitting programs, or performing data extracts. These managers have associated status codes and phase codes that provide information about their current state and progress. Here's an explanation of different status codes and phase codes for Concurrent Managers:

The phase code and status code are present in FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS table in Apps schema.

Value   Meaning
  I        Inactive
  P      Pending
  R      Running
  C      Completed

Value   Meaning
  U      Disabled
  W     Paused
  X      Terminated
  Z      Waiting
  M     No Manager
  Q     Standby
  R     Normal
  S     Suspended
  T     Terminating
  D     Cancelled
  E     Error
  F     Scheduled
  G     Warning
  H     On Hold
  I       Normal
  A     Waiting
  B     Resuming
  C     Normal

Understanding these status and phase codes helps administrators monitor and manage the health and activities of Concurrent Managers in an Oracle E-Business Suite environment. They provide valuable insights into the state of the concurrent processing infrastructure.