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FNDLOAD utility downloads data from an application entity into an editable text file with the definition of the application object, which can be uploaded to another database.This is basically done during the releases to upload the application from the development instances to the production instance.

FNDLOAD logon 0 Y mode configfile datafile [ entity [ param ... ] ]

Logon:       Apps username/password.
Mode:         DOWNLOAD or UPLOAD.
Configfile: Configuration file that FNDLOAD requires to download or upload data.Data 
Datafile:     Output file where the data is written.
Entity:        The entity which need to be downloaded.
Param:       String used for parameter substitution.

Config File Location

The file name will be like *.lct. It is maintained by Oracle.

  1. Profile Options
  2. Forms
  3. Functions
  4. Menus
  5. Responsibilities
  6. Request Groups
  7. Request Sets
  8. Lookups
  9. Valuesets
  10. Descriptive Flexfields
  11. Key Flexfields
  12. Concurrent Programs
  13. Form Personalization
  14. Users
  15. Alerts

FNDLOAD apps/pwd O Y DOWNLOAD $FND_TOP/patch/115/import/afffload.lct Dev_value_set.ldt VALUE_SET FLEX_VALUE_SET_NAME="Dev_Value". 


  • Downloading a parent automatically downloads all children - (Example) Concurrent Program  download.
  • The data files (.ldt) have both entity definition and the data.
  • It also shows the version and the location of the config file (.lct) that was used.


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