To retrieve the current session ID in Oracle Database, you can use the following SQL query:


This query uses the SYS_CONTEXT function to retrieve the value of the 'SID' (Session ID) from the 'USERENV' namespace. The result will be the current session ID for the connected user.

Here's a breakdown of the query:

SYS_CONTEXT('USERENV', 'SID'): This function retrieves the value of the specified parameter ('SID' in this case) from the 'USERENV' namespace.

FROM DUAL: The DUAL table is a one-row, one-column table present in all Oracle databases. It is often used in queries where a table reference is required but the actual data is not important.

Execute this SQL query using your preferred Oracle Database client or SQL*Plus to get the current session ID.

Or you can also below queries as well

select sid from v$session where audsid = sys_context('userenv','sessionid');

select distinct sid from v$mystat;