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JSP File Compilation

Compiling JSP in R12

$FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/ --compile -s  JSP_file_name  --flush -p 10

Compiling JSP in 11i

$JTF_TOP/admin/scripts/ --compile -s  JSP_file_name  --flush -p 10

if we dont give -s then we can compile all the jsp's.

--compile                update dependency, compile delta
--create                   rebuild entire dependency file
-delta.out <file>       update dependency, list delta to file
-dep.out <xmlfile>    update dependency, output heirarchy to file


-s <regex>      matching condition for JSPs filenames
-p <procs>      number of parallel compilations
-log <file>       to override logfile from ojspCompile.conf

Other  Options

-conf <file>    to override ojspCompile.conf
--retry            retry previously failed compilation attempts
--flush           forces recompilation of all parent JSPs.It will clean up the pervious compiled files.
--quiet           do not provide an actively running progress meter
--fast             instantly fail jsps that are *possibly* invalid

Compiling JSP's in Windows

cd %FND_TOP%\patch\115\bin

perl -x –compile –flush


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