In Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), Java Server Pages (JSP) files are used for creating dynamic web pages. These files are typically stored in the file system and are compiled into Java servlets during runtime. The compilation process is handled by the Oracle Application Server.

Compiling JSP in R12

$FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/ --compile -s  JSP_file_name  --flush -p 10

Compiling JSP in 11i

$JTF_TOP/admin/scripts/ --compile -s  JSP_file_name  --flush -p 10

if we dont give -s then we can compile all the jsp's.

--compile                update dependency, compile delta
--create                   rebuild entire dependency file
-delta.out <file>       update dependency, list delta to file
-dep.out <xmlfile>    update dependency, output heirarchy to file


-s <regex>      matching condition for JSPs filenames
-p <procs>      number of parallel compilations
-log <file>       to override logfile from ojspCompile.conf

Other  Options

-conf <file>    to override ojspCompile.conf
--retry            retry previously failed compilation attempts
--flush           forces recompilation of all parent JSPs.It will clean up the pervious compiled files.
--quiet           do not provide an actively running progress meter
--fast             instantly fail jsps that are *possibly* invalid

Compiling JSP's in Windows

cd %FND_TOP%\patch\115\bin

perl -x –compile –flush