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FRMCMP for FMB and PLL compilation


 frmcmp Module=<pll name> Userid=<userid/password> [Parameters].

 Optional parameters with default values given:
Module_Type=FORM                  Module type (FORM, MENU, LIBRARY).
Statistics=NO                                Show statistics.
Logon=YES                                   Logon to database.
Batch=NO                                     Don't display messages on the screen.
Output_File=<file>                      Write output to file.
Script=NO                                     Write script file.
Parse=NO                                      Parse script file.
Upgrade=NO                                 Upgrade module to current version.
Upgrade_Roles=NO                      Upgrade SQL*Menu 5.0 role information.
Version=45                                     Version to upgrade (23, 30, 40, 45, or menu 50).
Crt_File=<crt file>                         CRT file for version 2.x form upgrade.
Build=Yes                                       Build a runform/runmenu file when upgrading.
Add_Triggers=NO                        Add KEY-UP/DOWN triggers during upgrade.
Nofail=NO                                      Add NOFAIL keyword to trigger steps.
Debug=NO                                     Build/Run with debug information.
Compile_All=NO                          Compile all PL/SQL code.
Strip_Source=NO                         Strip pl/sql source code from library.
Window_State=Normal               Root window state: (Normal, Maximize, Minimize.)
Help=NO                                      Show this help information.
Options_Screen=NO                   Display Options window (on bitmap only).
Widen_Fields=NO                      Add one character to display width.
Print_Version=NO                     Print version used to save module.
Forms_Doc=NO                         Print Forms Doc report.

If we want to compile PLL the the syntax is:

frmcmp module=<path of pll file> userid=apps/<pwd> output_file=<path for generating plx> module_type=LIBRARY batch=yes compile_all=special 


frmcmp_batch module=CUSTOM.pll userid=apps/appspass output_file=CUSTOM.plx module_type=LIBRARY compile_all=special 


If we want compile forms FMB then:

In R12

frmcmp  module=$AU_TOP/forms/US/CUSTOM_OE.fmb userid=apps/appspassword output_file=$PRODUCT_TOP/forms/USCUSTOM_OE.fmx module_type=form compile_all=yes


frmcmp_batch  module=$AU_TOP/forms/US/CUSTOM_OE.fmb userid=apps/appspassword output_file=$PRODUCT_TOP/forms/USCUSTOM_OE.fmx module_type=form compile_all=yes

In 11i

f60gen module=$AU_TOP/forms/US/CUSTOM_OE.fmb  userid=apps/appspassword output_file=$PRODUCT_TOP/forms/USCUSTOM_OE.fmx module_type=form compile_all=yes




  1. Hi Himanshu

    when I compiling my fmb its showing successful compilation to all trigger and block but showing form not created message.Can you provide any help on this

  2. Hi, How can this compilation be implemented via Jenkins?

  3. Hi, How can this compilation be implemented via Jenkins?

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