Oracle supplies several useful scripts (located in $FND_TOP/sql directory) for monitoring the concurrent managers:

afcmstat.sql: Displays all the defined managers, their maximum capacity, pids, and their status.

afimchk.sql: Displays the status of ICM and PMON method in effect, the ICM's log file, and determines if the concurrent manger monitor is running.

afcmcreq.sql: Displays the concurrent manager and the name of its log file that processed a request.

afrqwait.sql: Displays the requests that are pending, held, and scheduled.

afrqstat.sql: Displays of summary of concurrent request execution time and status since a particular date.

afqpmrid.sql: Displays the operating system process id of the FNDLIBR process based on a concurrent request id. The process id can then be used with the ORADEBUG utility.

afimlock.sql: Displays the process id, terminal, and process id that may be causing locks that the ICM and CRM are waiting to get. You should run this script if there are long delays when submitting jobs, or if you suspect the ICM is in a gridlock with another oracle process.