The manual jsp compilation can be done with But we can also enable the automatic compilation of jsp's.
Steps for Enabling Automatic Compilation of JSP's

Step 1:
Go to $INST_TOP/appl/admin and edit the parameter s_jsp_main_mode and change its value from
'justrun' to 'recompile' in the context file.

cd $INST_TOP/appl/admin/

grep -i s_jsp_main_mode <SID>_<Hostname>.xml

Step 2:
  <jsp_debug_parameters oa_var="s_jsp_main_mode">justrun</jsp_debug_parameters>
  <jsp_debug_parameters oa_var="s_jsp_main_mode">recompile</jsp_debug_parameters>

Step 3:
Stop the application services and Run autoconfig .

Step 4:
Verify that the
has below entry.