Finding the Apps password into the Configuration File in Apps 11i

The Apps Password is stored in a flat files other than from being stored in Database.

Files which need to checked for apps password
File name:
Location of the file:  $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/modplsql/cfg/

Contents like

connect_string  = DBNAME
password        = apps_password
username        = APPS
default_page    =
document_table  = APPS.fnd_lobs_document
document_path   = docs

As highlighted above, the password will be stored in this file under the header [DAD_DBNAME].

File name: CGIcmd.dat
Location of the file : $ORACLE_HOME/reports60/server

Contents of file like

When we open the file, we should see a line like below where you can see apps password hard-coded.

DBNAME_APPS:server=REP60_DBNAME userid=APPS/apps_password@DBNAME destype=cache desformat=html tolerance=0 traceopts=trace_prf tracefile='' errfile='' profile='' logfile='' keyout='' copies=1 cellwrapper='' delimiter='' distribute=no save_rdf=null customize=null cmdfile=null term=null rundebug=no keyin=null %*

If you are changing apps password then it would be required to change password in above files in 11i.