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Change\Expire all application users password forcefully

We can forcefully expire password for all EBS user.This feature is available after RUP4.We need to apply  Patch 4676589 ATG RUP 4 enabling this feature.


The below script can be used to expire all passwords in the fnd_user table $FND_TOP/sql/AFCPEXPIRE.sql.

Execution Method

Connect to SQL*Plus


Submit Concurrent Program

 CP SQL*Plus Expire FND_USER Passwords

This script sets the fnd_user.password_date to null for all users which causes all user passwords to expire.The user will need to create a new password upon the next login.


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  6. I am seeking how to expire APPS & APPLSYS password. This is because of a database upgrade I am currently working on to 19c from 11g ( The db parameter setting of sec_case_sensitive_logon has been FALSE and password version=10. I want to set it to 11 and change the parameter to TRUE. The moment I do this apps and applsys gets locked out and I have to do this prior to running the upgrade. I want to avoid getting logged out post upgrade.