To change the supervisor password of ODI we need to follow below steps

First Method

1. Start the ODI client, and openODI Studio.

2. Connect to Repository with current supervisor password.

3.  Navigation to change password
View > ODI Security Navigator >  click on users > click on "Supervisor " > on right pane click on "change password"

Second Method

1. On ODI server go to  cd $ODI_HOME/oracledi/agent/bin

2. Take the backup of the file

3. Execute the command,It will ask for the password to be encoded.

Enter password to encode:

4. Update the encoded password to in the following location

  ODI_SUPERVISOR_ENCODED_PASS='New encoded password'

5. Restart services.

6. Try logging in as SUPERISOR / Newpassword

The encrypted password is also stored in the snp_user table for supervisor user.