Once all  the pre-reqs steps are completed as discussed in earlier post we are ready to do installation of Apps12.2


If you are installing vision database, please edit the rman script to use only one channel. By default it is configured to use 5 channels.
Go inside stage and search for below script.

[root@funoracleapps stage]# cd startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz/template/
[root@funoracleapps template]# cp restore-single2.sql restore-single2.sql.orig
[root@funoracleapps template]# vi restore-single2.sql
[root@funoracleapps template]# cat restore-single2.sql

set linesize 300
spool %s_db_oh%/appsutil/out/%s_contextname%%/%restore-single2.rman
select 'configure device type DISK parallelism 1;' from dual;
select 'catalog start with ''INSTALL'' NOPROMPT;' from dual;
select 'RUN { ' from dual;
select 'set newname for datafile '||file#||' to '||'''%s_dbhome1%/'||substr(NAME,instr(NAME,'%/%',-1)+1,length(NAME))||''';' from v$datafile;
--lines snipped for brevity--
[root@funoracleapps template]# diff restore-single2.sql restore-single2.sql.orig

< select 'configure device type DISK parallelism 1;' from dual;

Before Running rapidwiz, Make sure display is set properly by running below command.

[root@funoracleapps rapidwiz]# xhost +
access control disabled, clients can connect from any host
[root@funoracleapps rapidwiz]# xclock

Login as root and launch rapidwiz.

[root@funoracleapps rapidwiz]# pwd
[root@funoracleapps rapidwiz]# ls -ltr rapidwiz
-rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root 6710 Jan 20  2016 rapidwiz

[root@funoracleapps rapidwiz]# ./rapidwiz

Rapid Install Wizard is validating your file system......
Rapid Install Wizard will now launch the Java Interface.....

Click Yes and  Next to Continue.

Select  the desired port pool for fs1 and fs2. I have selected 10 and 11.

Fill the details as per your system and requirements.

Select Database character set AL32UTF8.

Enter the passwords as required.

After this screen when we click next it will check the system pre-reqs.

Once the system pre-reqs check are completed The above screen will show green tick. Else there would be red sign. In case of any issue, Please fix and click retry. You shouldn't proceed until all checks are successful.

Installer will start and monitor in case of any issues. It would take around 10 hrs to complete.
Once the installation is complete post verification will run and make sure all post install task are successful.

Open Login Page and Check.

This completes installation of Oracle Apps R12.2.