In the previous chapter for installation we have learned how to install Oracle virtual box in Windows.
Now we are going to prepare a machine for Oracle Linux installation.

We will follow below steps for Preparing Machine. The Same steps can be used for creating any virtual Machine. Only point to consider is to allocate RAM and Hard Disk as per need.
I will be using this for installing Oracle Apps so more RAM and hard disk are defined accordingly.

  • Open Oracle Virtual Box

  • Click on New

  • Select the name for Machine and Type. I will be using Oracle Enterprise Linux.
  • Allocate RAM of 10 GB size as it will be required for Apps R12.2.

  • Create a Virtual Hard Disk. I will be allocating 300 GB size to this disk.

  • Machine will be created.

  • We will change few configuration for machine as below. Select the machine and open settings.

  • Select 2 processors.

  • Select Video Memory as 128 MB.

  • Select Network Adapter 1 as Bridge as it will needed for few configuration from internet.

  • Click OK and Machine Settings will be saved.

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