We can find the weblogic URL and port from the CONTEXT_FILE by using the below variable.


1. Go to Application Tier
2. Set the RUN file system environment.
3. Execute

grep -i "wls_admin" $CONTEXT_FILE

<wls_admin_host oa_var="s_wls_admin_host">funoracleapps</wls_admin_host>

<wls_admin_domain oa_var="s_wls_admin_domain">com</wls_admin_domain>

<wls_admin_user oa_var="s_wls_admin_user">weblogic</wls_admin_user>

<wls_adminport oa_var="s_wls_adminport" oa_type="PORT" base="7001" step="1" range="-1" label="WLS Admin Server Port">7001</wls_adminport>

With these variable values we can create the weblogic URL for our EBS environment.

In our example the URL will be:


Login User: weblogic
Password: As per environment