In the previous post, we have seen an overview about ADOP. Now we will try to understand Various phases of ADOP in detail.

Prepare Phase:

  • Prepares the system for patching cycle.
  • Creates the Database Patch Edition
  • Validates system configuration
  • Check & Submit Concurrent Request 'Online Patching In Progress'(ADZDPATCH)
  • Prepare is run on all nodes in a mute-node configuration
  • Synchronizes the Run and Patch File System
  • If cleanup was not executed in previous adop cycle it will also run Cleanup.

adop phase=prepare

Apply Phase:

  • Patches are applied in this phase.
  • Adop internally calls adpatch to apply the patches, but we cannot run adpatch utility as standalone in R12.2 .
  • Patches are applied in the Patch Edition.
  • Application user are connected to RUN edition and they are not impacted by patching cycle.
  • We can apply multiple patches in a patching cycle.

adop phase=apply

Finalize Phase:

  • Ready the system for Cutover.
  • Compile Invalid objects.
  • If we don't run finalize, then the cutover phase will call finalize automatically before doing the actual cutover. But that will increase the downtime window for the cutover.
  • Computes any DDL to be executed before the cutover.

adop phase=finalize

Cutover Phase:

  • Switches to the patch edition of database and file system.
  • In the phase, the system actually goes down.
  • All application tier services are stopped and starts after the cutover.

adop phase=cutover

Cleanup Phase:

  • Cleans up old edition and objects.
  • Recovers space.

adop phase=cleanup

Note: ADOP utility should be executed on the primary application server. In case of the multinode environment, passwordless ssh should be enabled between the application nodes.