We might some time get into below issue after clone or after installing AD and TXK patches.


ETCC not run in the database node [Node Name]
                The EBS Technology Codelevel Checker needs to be run on the database node.
                It is available as Patch 17537119.


It might be due to mismatch in host name between APPS.FND_NODES and APPLSYS.TXK_TCC_RESULTS tables.


1. Login to the database as APPS schema.
2. Validate the data in FND_NODES  and TXK_TCC_RESULTS  table.
3. Download the ETCC Patch - 17537119 ,unzip the patch and  run the following on the Database Node (Recommended)

Please note if it's a RAC database you have to run on all nodes individually.

sh checkDBpatch.sh


3. Update the correct node name in APPLSYS.TXK_TCC_RESULTS table.