APPLSYSPUB (also known as the GATEWAY user)

The default password is 'PUB' and in case you change it, the password should be always in Upper Case. 
It is a public schema. which helps in validating Application user credentials when we login to Oracle Application.

Significance of Applsyspub user

When we login to applications,initially oracle applications connect to public schema, APPLSYSPUB. This schema has sufficient privileges to perform the authentication of an Applications User (FND user), which includes running PL/SQL packages to verify the username/password combination and the privilege to record the success or failure of a login attempt.
Once authentication is successfully completed, Oracle Application allows to connect to apps schema and allows to choose a responsibility. By using responsibility, we can use HTML or Oracle forms interface to access data that resides in product schema.

How to change password of APPLSYSPUB FNDCPASS utility is used to change the applsyspub password.

$FNDCPASS APPS/[apps_pass] 0 Y SYSTEM/[system_pass] ORACLE APPLSYSPUB [new_passs].0 & Y are flags for FNDCPASS0 is request id (request ID 0 is assigned to request ID's which are not submitted via Submit Concurrent Request Form)'Y' indicates that this method is directly invoked from the command-line and not from the Submit Request Form.
  • Once we change the APPLSYSPUB password must propagate the change to application tier configuration files. If the instance is Autoconfig enabled, must edit the CONTEXT file on each tier prior to running Autoconfig.
  • In the CONTEXT file, locate the autoconfig variable “s_gwyuid_pass” and set it to the new password, then run AutoConfig in each applications nodes.

How to fetch the APPLSYSPUB user password

1. echo $GWYUID


2. grep -i applsyspub $FND_SECURE/$TWO_TASK.dbc


3. grep -i s_gwyuid_pass $CONTEXT_FILE

   password oa_var=”s_gwyuid_pass”-- PUB -- password