If we are trying to  install R12.2 EBS, there may be cases that we end up in error during installation. We need to fix the error and then restart the Rapid wiz from beginning as there is no rapidwiz -restart option available with 12.2.

If the installation fails we need to perform the following steps to clean up a failed installation:

1. Restart the server or make sure to kill ALL oracle and applmgr processes.
2. Backup and then delete all contents(files/folders) from  the /tmp directory.
3. Backup and then delete all contents(files/folders)  from the oraInventory directory.
4. Backup and then delete BEA under installation user $HOME.
5. Backup and then delete all contents(files/folders)  the install directory- Database / Application Base directory
6. Ensure the correct oraInventory is present and run rapidwiz again to start installation.