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How to create free Oracle Cloud Account

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Oracle provides a free oracle cloud account for 30 days or 300$ free credit usage.
Its quite easy to register for a free account and start using it.


1. Open link

2. Click on Try for free  and we will see below screen. Provide the required information as requested. I am not sharing any personal info in these screenshots.


4.  We will need to verify mobile number through OTP received.

5.  Then next steps will be to enter payment details which is mandatory.  Your card will be charged for a specific amount and it will be reversed back after verification.

6. Once payment method is successfully verified, you will be logged into portal. It take 15 minutes to activate the account. We will need to follow steps further as given in mail. It will have required access details.

7. Once you receive credentials via mail, Please login and you are all set to use your Oracle Cloud account.

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How to change IP address of an Oracle EBS Environment

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We can follow below steps to change IP address in Oracle Application/EBS environment


1. Change the IP Address in the Server.

2. Verify the current ip address setup in the Oracle Applications environment. Connect as apps user into SQL*Plus and run:

select NODE_NAME, STATUS, NODE_MODE, NODE_ID,SERVER_ADDRESS, HOST, DOMAIN, WEBHOST, VIRTUAL_IP from fnd_nodes where node_name = upper('&hostname');

3. Run the following command to remove the old ip address from the Oracle Applications tables:

perl $AD_TOP/bin/ appspass=apps contextfile=$APPL_TOP/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME.xml -removeserver 

replace $CONTEXT_NAME for the context file name under the $APPL_TOP/admin directory;

then connect to SQL*Plus as apps user and run:

FND_NET_SERVICES.remove_server('&SID', '&HOSTNAME');

replace by the SID of the environment and by the hostname in the environment. Both must be entered in upper case.

4. Run autoconfig to populate the values using the new IP Address.

5. Confirm the ip address has been changed to the new value changed in the step 1:

select NODE_NAME, STATUS, NODE_MODE, NODE_ID,SERVER_ADDRESS, HOST, DOMAIN, WEBHOST, VIRTUAL_IP from fnd_nodes where node_name = upper('&hostname');

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How to enable USB in VirtualBox

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In this post we would be discussing how to enable inside a machine built on VirtualBox. By default the USB functionality will not work.

Steps to enable USB

1)Download the Extension Pack from virtualbox link given below.  

2) Install VirtualBox Extension
    a) Open Virtual Box
    b) Go to File>Preferences

   c) A new window will open and we need to select extension from left tab.

  d) Click on "+" sign and browse/select the extension pack which was downloaded.

   e) Click on install and accept license agreement. It will prompt for sudo password. Once done          
       installation would be  done.

  f) User running VirtualBox must belong to the vboxuser group.


  g) Now Restart you system and start virtual machine and mount USB device from the list.

      We can now easily use the USB device as per need.

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