We have to follow below steps for enabling India Localization.


1. Click System Administrator ---> Oracle Applications Manager -->License Manager ---> Country-specific Functionalities ----> Select Singapore ----> Click Next ----> Click Submit ----> Click Ok.

2. Check the India Localization licensed or Not
Click Syatem Administrator ---> Oracle Applications Manager --> Licensed Products ---> check Status of JA-Asia/Pacific Localizations licensed or Not. If status is licensed means India localization is enabled

Go to $JA_TOP/patch/115/driver/
[oracle@funoracleapps driver]$ pwd
[oracle@funoracleapps driver]$ ls
ja12axdo.drvx jai5188052.drv

4.  Enable the triggers
Go to /u01/TEST/apps/apps_st/appl/ja/12.0.0/patch/115/sql
Compile the files (Path: $JA_TOP/patch/115/sql)

                              a. jai_enable_trg.sql
Connect sqlplus apps user
SQL> @jai_enable_trg.sql

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.