When Autoconfig is executed in EBS/Oracle Apps it creates various configuration files which are created from the template files.
Some time we might need to find the template file associated with these conf file to customize these templates and avoid autoconfig to use the default ones.

Below are the few important points to be remembered.

  • The AutoConfig template file cannot be customized if the "LOCK" keyword appears in the template file.
  • AutoConfig ignores custom template files that are marked with "LOCK”.
  • Customization of Template File must be done on both Patch & Run File system.

How to Determine the Auto Config template file which you want to customize.

Apps Tier: /bin/adtmplreport.sh contextfile=target=

DB Tier: /appsutil/bin/adtmplreport.sh contextfile= target=


$AD_TOP/bin/adtmplreport.sh contextfile=/u01/TEST/fs1/inst/apps/TEST_funoracleapps/appl/admin/TEST_funoracleapps.xml target=/u01/TEST/fs1/FMW_Home/webtier/instances/EBS_web_TEST_OHS1/config/OHS/EBS_web_TEST/security2.conf

It will generate a log file with required information on configuration file and template file like below

TEMPLATE FILE   : /u01/TEST/fs1/EBSapps/appl/fnd/12.0.0/admin/template/security2_conf_FMW.tmp
TARGET FILE     : /u01/TEST/fs1/FMW_Home/webtier/instances/EBS_web_TEST_OHS1/config/OHS/EBS_web_TEST/security2.conf

Create Custom Template file

  • Create folder custom in location where template file resides.
  • Copy template file in custom folder and make the required changes. 
  • Verify using adchkcfg script that custom template will change files as you expect them to be.
  • Now whenever Autoconfig will run it will pick custom template file only.