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Query to Check All Concurrent Manager Status

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We can use below query to check all concurrent managers status with node name and number of actual/target processes.


SELECT   b.user_concurrent_queue_name "Concurrent Manager", a.TARGET_NODE "Node", a.running_processes "ACTUAL Processes", a.max_processes "TARGET Processes"
   ,DECODE (b.control_code
     ,'D', 'Deactivating'
     ,'E', 'Deactivated'
     ,'N', 'Node unavai'
     ,'A', 'Activating'
     ,'X', 'Terminated'
     ,'T', 'Terminating'
     ,'V', 'Verifying'
     ,'O', 'Suspending'
     ,'P', 'Suspended'
     ,'Q', 'Resuming'
     ,'R', 'Restarting'
     ) status
  FROM apps.fnd_concurrent_queues a, apps.fnd_concurrent_queues_vl b
    WHERE a.concurrent_queue_id = b.concurrent_queue_id AND a.running_processes = a.max_processes
 ORDER BY a.max_processes DESC;

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