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How to Start/Stop services in Oracle Apps R12.2 on all nodes through single command

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If we have a EBS instance in  R12.2.x and it is configured with multiple nodes, then we can use the below commands to stop and start all services at one time.

To stop all services on all nodes apps/apps_password -mode=allnodes

To Start all services on all nodes apps/apps_password -mode=allnodes

(The above commands will ask for WebLogic password)

This command will internally connect all the nodes via ssh as you would have enabled ssh as part of R12.2.x pre-requisites setup. If you have not enabled ssh, you will not be able to apply patches in remote nodes and it will get failed.

If we want to skip stopping of weblogic admin services then we can use below commands apps/apps -skipNM -skipAdmin

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