Changing Weblogic Administrative Password in EBS/Apps R12.2

We need to follow below steps to change the weblogic password in R12.2 EBS. 

Note: I am assuming that your EBS environment already has R12.TXK.C.Delta.7  or higher patch applied.


1) Shut down all application tier services except the Admin Server.

1. On the primary node, run the command:
 $ / -skipNM -skipAdmin

This command will not stop node manager and Weblogic Admin server as they are required to be running during password change.

2. On all secondary nodes, run the command:
 $ / 

2) Change the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration User(weblogic) password by performing
the following steps as applicable.

1. Source the environment on the run file system.
2. Run the commands appropriate for your platform:

$ perl $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/ -

3) Now we need to start all services on all nodes using the appropriate
command for your platform.

$ / 

4) We  need to run  fs_clone  to change the WebLogic EBS Domain password on the patch file system:

1. Launch a new session and connect to the Oracle E-Business Suite instance.
2. Source the application tier environment file.
3. Run the following command:
$ adop phase=fs_clone