Query to find Responsibility for which Menu / Form Function is assigned

To get responsibility based on Menu

SELECT DISTINCT a.responsibility_name, c.user_menu_name
FROM apps.fnd_responsibility_tl a,
apps.fnd_responsibility b,
apps.fnd_menus_tl c,
apps.fnd_menus d,
apps.fnd_application_tl e,
apps.fnd_application f
WHERE a.responsibility_id(+) = b.responsibility_id
--AND a.responsibility_id = '20538'
AND b.menu_id = c.menu_id
AND b.menu_id = d.menu_id
AND e.application_id = f.application_id
AND f.application_id = b.application_id
and responsibility_name ='%Responsibility Name%'
and upper(user_menu_name) like '%MENU_NAME%'

To get responsibility based on form function
SELECT fr.responsibility_name,
       fme.prompt prompt_name,
FROM   apps.fnd_menu_entries_vl fme,
       apps.fnd_menus_vl fm,
       apps.fnd_form_functions_vl fff,
       apps.fnd_form_vl ff,
       apps.fnd_responsibility_vl fr
WHERE  1 = 1
AND    ff.form_name = '&formnamewithextension' 
AND    fme.function_id = fff.function_id
AND    fm.menu_id = fme.menu_id
AND    fr.menu_id = fm.menu_id;