Re-Create EBS 12.2.x Weblogic Domain

In EBS R12.2 version Weblogic is configured and in case any files gets corrupted/deleted in Domain it will majorly impact the EBS application.

We can perform below steps to recreate the Weblogic Domain

1) Make sure database and listener are running.
2) Stop all application services or kill them if required.
3) Source the RUN environment
4) Run 
$FND_TOP/bin/ -script=ChkEBSDependecies -server=ALL_SERVERS
5) cd $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin

Below prompts are shown by the script:
  Enter the full path of Applications Context File [DEFAULT - ]: Complete path of the RUN context file
  Enter the server start mode for the domain [DEFAULT - prod]: prod
  Enter the APPS schema password :
  Enter weblogic admin server password :

Sample Output:
SUCCESS: VALID OHS HOME /u01/oracle/PROD/fs1/FMW_Home/webtier
SUCCESS: VALID Node Manager Port 5556
SUCCESS: VALID Node Manager Type plain
SUCCESS: VALID Admin Server Port 7001
SUCCESS: VALID OACORE Managed Server Port 7201
SUCCESS: VALID FORMS Managed Server Port 7401
SUCCESS: VALID OAFM Managed Server Port 7601
SUCCESS: VALID FORMS-C4WS Managed Server Port 7801
SUCCESS: VALID JRF TEMPLATE /u01/oracle/PROD/fs1/FMW_Home/oracle_common/common/templates/applications/jrf_template_11.1.1.jar
SUCCESS: VALID EM TEMPLATE /u01/oracle/PROD/fs1/FMW_Home/oracle_common/common/templates/applications/oracle.em_11_1_1_0_0_template.jar
SUCCESS: VALID EM EBS PLUGIN TEMPLATE /u01/oracle/PROD/fs1/FMW_Home/Oracle_EBS-app1/common/templates/applications/oracle.emai_ebs_template_11.1.1.jar
SUCCESS: VALID UIX LIBRARY /u01/oracle/PROD/fs1/FMW_Home/oracle_common/modules/oracle.uix_11.1.1/uix11.war
SUCCESS: VALID PORTLET TEMPLATE /u01/oracle/PROD/fs1/FMW_Home/oracle_common/common/templates/applications/oracle.portlet_component_template_11.1.1.jar
SUCCESS: VALID OWSM TEMPLATE /u01/oracle/PROD/fs1/FMW_Home/oracle_common/common/templates/applications/oracle.wsmpm_template_11.1.1.jar

6) Now Start all Application tier services using $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/
7) Run fs_clone to make changes in Patch file system as well.