APP-FND-00362: Routine afpbep cannot execute request &REQUEST for program &PROGRAM


APP-FND-00362: Routine afpbep cannot execute request &REQUEST for program &PROGRAM, because the environment variable &BASEPATH is not set for the application to which the concurrent program executable &EXECUTABLE belongs.

Shut down the concurrent managers. Set the basepath environment variable for the application. Restart the concurrent managers. (VARIABLE=)

Routine AFPEOT cannot construct the name of an executable file for your concurrent request 122917706.

Check that the file name components are correct and valid on your system. Check that the environment for the person who started the concurrent manager


Custom Top is registered and not set in the ENV while starting the concurrent services.

Query to Check whether the Env is set for the Particular Concurrent Request :

select variable_name,value from fnd_env_context e ,fnd_concurrent_processes p ,fnd_concurrent_requests r where p.concurrent_process_id =
e.concurrent_process_id and p.concurrent_process_id = r.controlling_manager and e.variable_name like '%CUSTOM_TOP%' and r.request_id = &request_id;

Solution :

Add the respective Top in env file



Setup custom  environment file.

Restart concurrent managers.