ORA-01207: file is more recent than control file - old control file

Database showed the control file is older, When checked found some DBA has crashed the PROD box. Boom !!!

Database was mounted and when tried to start getting below error:

ORA-01122: database file 76 failed verification check

ORA-01110: data file 76:


ORA-01207: file is more recent than control file - old control file

Check the files required recovery.

select name,open_mode from v$database;


--------- --------------------


SYS@PROD> select * from v$recover_file;


---------- ------- -------

ERROR                                                                CHANGE#

----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------



        76 ONLINE  ONLINE

UNKNOWN ERROR                                                     9.8621E+12


Execute the recover database command using controlfile. it will prompt for redo log/archived file. Provide the complete path of the redo log files 

SYS@prod> recover database until cancel using backup controlfile;

ORA-00279: change 9862087393594 generated at 09/28/2020 15:42:22 needed for

thread 1

ORA-00289: suggestion : /archlog/prod/prod_1_823799849_738185.arc

ORA-00280: change 9862087393594 for thread 1 is in sequence #738185

Specify log: {<RET>=suggested | filename | AUTO | CANCEL}


Log applied.

Media recovery complete.

Please note you might need to pass multiple archives and redo logs.

Once media recovery is done open the database with resetlogs.

SQL> alter database open resetlogs;

Database altered.

Verify the status of the Database.

SQL> select status from v$instance;




The database is recovered with redo log files.

Please make sure to take a full backup after the recovery as the logs have been reset.