Oracle Reports - Program exited with status 255 for EBS in Windows


When running Active Users or other reports getting below error on Windows-based EBS instance.

"Program exited with status 255

Cause: The program terminated, returning status code 255.

Action: Check your installation manual for the meaning of this code on this operating system.
Concurrent Manager encountered an error while running Oracle*Report for your concurrent request Request ID."


This happens when before cloning proper cleanup is not done.
Duplicate value is repeated multiple times in "REPORTS_CLASSPATH" and "REPORTS_PATH" because of multiple re-installations of "Oracle Developer Suite" in the same "ORACLE_HOME" without proper cleanup before the subsequent clone.


1) Open regedit in Windows

2) Navigate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ORACLE\KEY_<instancename>__TOOLS

and remove duplicate values for "REPORTS_CLASSPATH" and "REPORTS_PATH".

3) Retest the report.