Shell Script with a Progress Bar

Do you wonder to write a shell script that can display a progress bar!! Those types of script look good and user-friendlier.

In this post, I am going to share how to write a simple shell script with Progress Bar.

To implement this what should I use ??

So here is the answer, I am going to use only the "echo" command and few options along with it.

Command: echo

Options used

-n: Don't append a new line
-e: enable interpretations of backslash escapes
\r: Go back beginning of the line with a new line

Please note we have to decide on the steps how much percentage we want to display. Make sure the last of each line should be in alignment. We can any steps in between as per action item

Sample Script

[himanshu@oel7 ~]$ cat
##Progress Bar Sample Script##
echo "Work in progress"
echo -ne '=          [10%]\r'
sleep 2
echo -ne '===        [30%]\r'
sleep 2
echo -ne '=====      [50%]\r'
sleep 2
echo -ne '=======    [70%]\r'
sleep 2
echo -ne '==========[100%]\r'
echo -ne '\n'
sleep 2
echo "Sample script Completed"

Sample Output

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