EBS|Oracle Apps Road Map and Support Information

Hi Guys, This is just an information blog that I am sharing as per my understanding. 

A few of  the important points are:

1) Premier support till at least 2031 for EBS  all 12.2

2) Every next version of R12.2.X which is released gets 10 yrs premier support. Let's say if R12.2.15 is released in Mar 2022 so it will get the next 10-year premier support. If a new version is released in Jul 2022 then it will be having the next 10 years of support from the release date. So it is termed as rolling support. Not to negate point 1st, all support for 12.2 will be at least 2031.

3) R12.1 premier support will end in Dec 2021.

4) Beyond Dec 2021 R12.1.3 will get an Advanced Customer Services Contract which will have a price structure.

5) Both EBS R12.1.3 and R12.2. is certified with 19c Database.

6) EBS web-based application pages are now rendered to work on tablets as well apart from laptop/desktops.

7) Forms will still be there in the future for EBS.

8)  No new EBS version like R13 or anything will be released. All developments will be on R12.2 versions only and it will keep getting updated like R12.2.10, R12.11 etc...

9) Lot of developments still going on and will keep coming regularly. 

Hope this information would be helpful for many DBA's. Long Way to go for Oracle Apps DBA.

The data is collected from Oracle and Sangam 20 webinars.

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