Applications Start Page in Oracle Apps R12

The "Applications Start Page" feature provides a user an option to set a particular page as his/her preferred start. The user will be taken to this page at login. A user can choose from the set of functions available under his/her responsibilities. The value is recorded in a profile option named "Applications Start Page (APPLICATIONS_START_PAGE)" as "functionId$$$respId$$$appId".

How to Enable Application Start Page

1. Make sure the profile "Self Service Personal Home Page Mode" is set to "Framework only" at the site level or at user level for which user you intend to provide the "Applications Start Page" feature.

2. log in to Applications as the End-user.

3. Navigate to the Preferences link on top of the page.

4. You can find a section "Start Page" under General Preferences page.  Select the Responsibility from which you would like to choose the Function (For e.g. Payables Super User). It then lists the functions available for this user under this responsibility.  Choose the Function as Start page (e.g, Invoices). Apply the changes.

5. Log out and log back in. Your Start Page is now effective.

Disabling the Application Start Page

1. When you are on the Self-service Framework page, you can Navigate to Preferences Link and de-select the values (choose blank) for Responsibility and Page drop-down lists.

2. When you are in Forms-based Applications, navigate to menu  Edit => Preferences => Profile

3. Search for "Applications Start Page", remove the value from the User Value field and Save.

4. Next time when you log in to Applications, you get the Self-service Framework Homepage.

But If you have set a start page from the user preferences and the responsibility you set has been end dated, we won’t be able to access the preferences to change it. In addition, we will receive an error each time you log in.

This setting is managed using the profile option “Applications Start page”. You can clear its value at the user level either from the personal profile values window or the system profile values window.

Now let's say you don't have any other user to Update the profile as well then we can update from the backend as well using the below script. 

DELETE fnd_profile_option_values
WHERE profile_option_id = (SELECT profile_option_id 
                           FROM fnd_profile_options
                           WHERE profile_option_name = 'APPLICATIONS_START_PAGE')
  AND level_value = (SELECT user_id
                     FROM fnd_user
                     WHERE user_name = '<USER_NAME>');


Log-out and Login again.

In-case the change is not reflecting then Bounce your apache and oacore service.

About "Applications Start Page" profile option (Doc ID 729375.1)

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