Query to find the last access date for a Responsibility in R12


SELECT frt.responsibility_name,fu.user_name,
       Max(flr.start_time) "Last Connect"
FROM   applsys.fnd_login_responsibilities flr,
       applsys.fnd_user fu,
       applsys.fnd_logins fl,
       applsys.fnd_responsibility_tl frt
WHERE  fl.login_id = flr.login_id
       AND fl.user_id = fu.user_id
      AND fu.user_name = '&Username' -- Comment for Complete User List
       AND frt.responsibility_id = flr.responsibility_id
       and frt.responsibility_name = '&ResponsibilityName' -- Comment for Complete Responsibility List
GROUP  BY frt.responsibility_name ,fu.user_name

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