Understanding adSyncContext.pl in Oracle Apps R12.2

The SyncContext tool is used for explicit synchronization of the context variables with the WebLogic Server and Oracle HTTP Server configurations.
The adSyncContext.pl tool is used to pull the values of the Weblogic Server Configuration parameters and synchronize the context variable values.

These values are needed for the synchronization of OHS parameters.


 perl $AD_TOP/bin/adSyncContext.pl contextfile=$CONTEXT_FILE

This tool needs to be explicitly executed on all Application tier nodes whenever the OHS port is updated before we run Autoconfig.
When invoked, this tool reads the Mappings xml file and then connects to the WebLogic Administration Server to retrieve the value of all WebLogic Server and OHS configuration parameters defined in the Mappings xml file. It then starts the synchronization process by first synchronizing the file system context file with the one in the database. Then, it updates the respective context variable as per the entry in the Mappings xml and finally uploads the updated context file to the database.

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