Understanding the Flow when EBS URL is entered in the Browser

In this post, I am going to share what happens when we enter an EBS URL in a browser . 

When a HTTP request is made for EBS, the clinet system will first check the hostname and port is reachable or not.Then request is received by the Oracle HTTP Server (OHS).
When the configuration of OHS is for a resource that needs to be processed by Java, such as logging into EBS, the OHS configuration will redirect the request to the Web Logic Server (WLS) Java process (OACore in this case).
WLS determines the J2EE application that should deal with the request, which is called "oacore".
This J2EE application needs to be deployed and available for processing requests in order for the request to succeed. The
J2EE application needs to access a database and does this via a datasource which is configured within WLS.

Login HTTP headers
When the EBS login works OK, the browser will be redirected to various different URLs in order for the login page to be
displayed. The page flow below shows the URLs that will be called to display the login page:

Redirects to local login page

Renders the login page

The URLs after the user enters username and password, then clicks the "login" button are shown below:


Renders user home page

Once the users home page is displayed, the logout flow also redirects to several different URL before returning to the login page:

Logout icon has been clicked
Redirects to the login page

Renders login page again

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