Understanding the Oracle Application Framework in Oracle Apps R12.2

Oracle Application Framework is a Java-Based application tier development and deployment platform for HTML-based applications. The HTML-based pages in Oracle Apps/ EBS are based on the same framework.

It contains various components

1) Business Container for Java(BC4J)
 These are created using the Oracle Jdeveloper and are a set of Java objects stored on the application tier file system. On Oracle Apps, we can found them on JAVA_TOP. It contains business logic. These objects will be stored as class files and jar files in EBS 12.2 to be used by Weblogic server.
2) Oracle Weblogic Server
Application  Java services are executed by WLS. It helps in connecting to the database as well.

3) Java Controller
Process the programmatic UI definition

4) MetaData UI Definition
The metadata used to describe the user interface (UI) is loaded in the database repository known as Meta Data Service.
5) UIX HTML Generator
This is XML used to translate the metadata and the java objects into the HTML output.

Flow Diagram

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