Configure Datasource and JNDI for DB adapter

In the post, I am sharing the steps on how to create data source in WebLogic and configure the JNDI for the DB adapter.

To Complete this blog, you must have WebLogic and oracle database up and running.

Below simple steps that show how to create Datasource.

1) Login into the WebLogic console http://funebs122:7001/console

2) Click on lock and edit.

3) Expand Services and click on Data sources

4) Click New -> Generic Data Source

5) Enter below information and click Next

 Name : UAT
JNDI Name : jdbc/uat
Database Type : Oracle

6) Select Database drive as per your need, let it be default as of now and click Next

7) Click Next

8) Enter the database details and click Next

9) Click on Test Configuration button and click Next

10) Select the DefaultServer as target and click Finish

11) Click on Activate Changes button

You are done with data source creation. 

JNDI in DBAdapter

12) Click on the Lock & Edit button and Click on Deployments from the left pane

13) Click on DBAdapter

14) Click on Configuration Tab and Outbound Connection Pools and then click New

15) Check the javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory radio button and click Next

16) Enter JNDI Name and click Finish

17) Expand the connection factory and click on the eis/db/uat JNDI

18) Enter the property value XADatasourceName as jdbc/uat that we have created in the 5th step. press Enter after putting the value and then click Save button.

19) Update the DBAdapter now. Click Lock & Edit button -> Deploments -> Check the DBAdapter -> Update

20) Click Next -> Finish and Activate Changes

You are done with Datasource creation and DBAdapter JDNI configuration. 

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