How To Enable Macro, Active X, and Protection Settings in Microsoft Excel (2010 and 2016) for Oracle Apps Webadi

In this post, I am sharing how to enable Macros related to Oracle Apps Webadi

For MS Excel 2010 Version 

1. In Excel 2010, click FILE, Trust Center and Trust Center Settings

2. Under Active X Settings, Click to enable "Enable all controls..." and uncheck "safe mode"

3. Under Macro Settings, Click to enable "Enable all macros...." and check to enable "Trust access to the VBA..."

4. Under Protected View, uncheck everything

5. Under External Contents, click to enable.

6.  Under File Block Settings, follow the below format and make sure to click to enable "open selected file types in protected view and allow editing"

7. Click OK and restart excel 2010.

FOR MS Excel 2016 Version

1. In Excel 2016 (365), click File and choose Options 

2. Under Trust Center, click Trust Center Settings

3. Under ActiveX Settings, click to enable "Enable all controls without restrictions and without prompting" and click to uncheck "safe mode"

4. Under Macro Settings, click to enable "Enable All Macros" and click to check "Trust access to the VBA project object model"

5. Under Protected View, click to uncheck everything.

6. Under External Content, Click to enable "Enable all Data Connections" and click to enable "Enable automatic update for all workbook links"

7.  Under File Block Settings, click to enable "Open selected file types in Protected View and allow editing".

8. Click OK and restart excel 2016.

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