Understanding the New EBS Technology Patch Automation Tool for Application Tier (ETPAT-AT)


EBS Tech Patch Automation Tool - Application Tier (ETPAT-AT) automates the patching of technology one-offs for the following components of the Oracle E-Business Suite Release (EBS) Release 12.2.0 application tier.

    • FMW WebTier
    • Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.6 Smart Update Patch
    • Oracle WebLogic Server
    • FMW oracle_common
    • Forms and Reports

Specifically, ETPAT-AT:

  • Can be run on an EBS Release 12.2.0 application tier (run file system) for new installations or upgrades.
  • Is available for all platforms on which Oracle E-Business Suite is supported.
  • Runs ETCC-MT both before and after each patching session.
  • Provides comprehensive reports on:
    • All components that were patched in the patching session
    • The resulting in updated application tier technology stack inventory.
  • Works both with on-premises and Compute environments.
  • Makes no changes to the EBS database.
  • Cannot be used on EBS systems that are already at Release 12.2.3 or later.

Obtaining ETPAT-AT

ETPAT-AT is available from My Oracle Support as Patch 32208510.

To obtain and apply the tool, follow these steps:

  1. Create or specify a patch stage area directory. This patch stage area can be in any location accessible from the application tier. For example: <NE_BASE>/EBSapps/patch/etpat-at. If you wish, you can use your regular patch download area. This patch stage area will be used to download all the required patches prompted for by ETPAT-AT when it runs.
  2. Download the latest ETCC Patch 17537119 to the patch stage area. This is because ETPAT-AT requires ETCC Patch 17537119 for Jan 2021 Database and Fusion Middleware Proactive Patch (or above). If you do not obtain the patch with the latest ETCC, you will be prompted to do so when ETPAT-AT runs.
  3. Download and unzip Patch 32208510 under your patch stage area, specifying the -o unzip option to overwrite any older version that may be installed:

$ cd patch stage area
unzip -o p32208510_R12_GENERIC.zip


Preparing To Run ETPAT-AT

Source the run edition applications environment with the appropriate command for your environment.



Running ETPAT-AT

Run the following command to start ETPAT-AT:

$ perl etpat_at.pl

  1. Respond to the following prompts:

$ Enter 12.2.0 Run edition file system context file:
$ Enter APPS schema name [APPS]:
$ Enter password for APPS schema:
$ Enter directory where you downloaded ETCC Patch 17537119:


  1. ETPAT-AT checks whether the latest version of ETCC-MT is installed. If it finds an older version, you will see a message like this:

[WARNING] ETCC Patch 17537119 is more than 30 days old.
Check if a newer version of ETCC Patch 17537119 is available in My Oracle Support.
If available, download patch under stage area and unzip using '-o' option.
Current stage area: patch stage area
Enter 'Yes' to Continue (Yes/No):

Take the appropriate action and then enter 'Yes' to continue.

  1. ETPAT-AT then prompts you to download the following patches to the stage area:
    • Latest EBS Release 12.2 Consolidated Fusion Middleware Fixes zip
    • OPatch Patch 6880880 for Forms and Reports (p6880880_101000_<platform>.zip)
    • OPatch Patch 6880880 for Fusion Middleware Oracle Homes (p6880880_111000_<platform>.zip)
    • WLS Smart update Patch 31136426 (p31136426_1036_Generic.zip)
    • Latest PSU patch for Oracle WebLogic Server

Note: Do not unzip these patches after they have been downloaded. ETPAT-AT will process them later.


  1. After the patches have been downloaded to the patch stage area, continue by responding "Yes" to the following prompt:

$ Download above patches under patch stage area and Enter 'Yes' to continue (Yes/No):

  1. If not all the patches have been downloaded to the patch stage area, you will be re-prompted for them twice.
  2. If one or more patches are still not available in the patch stage area after the third prompt, ETPAT-AT will exit, but you can re-run the tool again when you have made the patches available.

Log Files, Diagnostics, and Recovery

Log Files and Reports

The ETPAT-AT tool creates log files and reports as shown in the following table.


Name, Location, or Description

Log file Directory

Patch Stage Area/<TWO_TASK>_etpat_at/log

Log File Name Format


Summary Report Name



  • After you have fixed any issues, you can re-run ETPAT-AT.
  • When re-run, ETPAT-AT will apply patches to any technology components that could not be patched in the previous run.


Reference: EBS Technology Patch Automation Tool for Application Tier (ETPAT-AT) (Doc ID 2749774.1)

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