How to Download the Certificate used for jar signing from adkeystore

If we want to download the certificate from adkeystore which was used for jar signing the keytool can be used for that.


Note: You should know the keystore password. By default it is "puneet"

1)  Go to the location where the Keystore file is placed
cd $APPL_TOP/admin

2) Check the list in the keystore
keytool -list -keystore adkeystore.dat

This will show you the output with various alias.

3) The key alias which is used for jar signing can be confirmed from the below file


4) Based on the alias download the required certificate.

keytool -export -alias xyz_erp -keystore adkeystore.dat  -rfc -file jre_cert_may18.cert

This creates the jre_cert_may18.cert file that contains a certificate signed with the private key in the adkeystore.dat .

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