SQL query to search for Discoverer folders and items

Find out which EUL

There are multiple EUL owners so we need to determine which one. The following query shows us all the available EUL owners

select owner from dba_tables where table_name = 'EUL5_OBJS';

For the current case, we are going to use the owner as 'EUL_US'

SQL to search for Discoverer folders and items

select i.exp_name item_name
,f.obj_name folder_name
from EUL_US.EUL5_expressions i
, EUL_US.EUL5_objs f
, EUL_US.EUL5_ba_obj_links l
, EUL_US.EUL5_bas b
where f.obj_id= i.it_obj_id
and f.obj_id= l.bol_obj_id
and b.ba_id= l.bol_ba_id
and upper(i.exp_name) like upper('%') --folder item
and upper(b.ba_name) like upper('%')                     --business area
and upper(f.obj_name) like upper('%)                     --folder
order by b.ba_name,f.obj_name,i.exp_name

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