Query to find Users Logins in EBS

For user sessions since auditing was enabled, run the "Signon Audit Users" concurrent request. 
 The following query should help in finding out previous login times if  the profile "Sign-On:Audit Level" was not enabled.

1. Log into sqlplus as the apps user.

2. Perform the following select:

select to_char(creation_date,'DD-MON-YY HH:MI:SS'), disabled_flag
from icx_sessions
where user_id=(select user_id from fnd_user where user_name = 'SYSADMIN');

1. The disabled_flag = N means the session is still active.
2. The sessions shown are from the time the icx_sessions table was last purged.
3. This query gives all the login times, not just logins that happened prior to enabling sign-on audit. Add a date filter to the where clause if you only want sessions prior to the date when sign-on audit was enabled

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