GUI to Check Hardware Information in Linux - HardInfo

HardInfo (in short for “hardware information“) is a system profiler and benchmark graphical tool for Linux systems, that is able to gather information from both hardware and some software and organise it in an easy to use GUI tool

Installing HardInfo

HardInfo is available to install in all major Linux distributions from the default repository.

Debian, Ubuntu, and Mint

sudo apt install hardinfo

Fedora/CentOS Linux

# dnf install glib-devel gtk+-devel zlib-devel libsoup-devel
$ cd Downloads
$ git clone
$ cd hardinfo
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
# make install

Arch and Manjaro Linux

sudo pacman -S hardinfo


sudo zypper in hardinfo

How to open Hardinfo on your computer

It’s a graphical application, and it should be categorised under System by name System Profiler and Benchmark in your distribution’s launcher.

It can also be used to generated HTML reports.

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