How to Enable/Disable JSSE in Weblogic Server in 11g/12c

JSSE Advantages

SHA-2 signed certificates are supported in the JSSE SSL implementation provided in WebLogic Server.
The JSSE-based implementation supports TLS V1.0, TLS V1.1, and TLS V1.2. Also to enable support for the TLS V1.1 and TLS V1.2 protocols, WebLogic Server must be running with JDK 7. Note Latest Version JDK 1.6 also supports these TLS version

How to enable JSSE in Weblogic Server
(1) Login to Weblogic Console
(2) Click on Lock and Edit
(3) Navigate to Environment > Servers and select the server where you want to change it
(4) Now go to the SSL tab and then go to the advanced section and click on JSSE enabled
(5) Save the changes and release the configuration
(6) You can restart the Managed server and it will start using JSSE

An alternative way to enable JSSE
You can also enable JSSE by settings these parameters in JAVA_OPTIONS. 

This can be set in $DOMAIN_HOME/bin/  or wherever JAVA_OPTION are being picked up

JSSE in Oracle WebLogic Server 12c
Certicom is disabled in Oracle Weblogic server 12c and JSSE is enabled by default. We cannot disable the JSSE in Oracle Weblogic Server 12c

Even if you set these options to false,

Oracle Weblogic server will ignore these parameters

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