Windows 11 Installation On an UnSupported Hardware

I was installing windows 11 on my old laptop (i3 5th generation). I have created a bootable USB with windows 11.

Now when installing I was getting an unsupported hardware error.

No TPM Chip
No Supported CPU

On the screen when you are selecting Windows 11 for installation.
Press Shift + F10
It will open a Command Prompt

Type regedit
The registry editor will now be open.


If LabConfig is not there then please create it.

Then Add below DWORD keys in the LabConfig with mentioned values

DWORD "BypassTPMCheck"=1
DWORD "BypassSecureBootCheck"=1
DWORD "BypassRAMCheck"=1
DWORD "BypassStorageCheck"=1
DWORD "BypassCPUCheck"=1

Now-Again select windows Home/Pro 11 and now it will not fail on the precheck and will run smoothly and Installation will complete

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