PROCESS and DISCARD folders are not accessible by the Oracle Workflow mailer

Even after creating the PROCESS and DISCARD folders under the dedicated email account, we were getting the error as "The FOLDER DOES NOT EXIST for THE NOMINATED MAIL ACCOUNT"


Validation failed for the following parameters -> {DISCARD=The folder does not exist for the nominated mail account., PROCESS=The folder does not exist for the nominated mail account., INBOX=The folder does not exist for the nominated mail account.}.  Parameters were -> {RESET_NLS=N, FROM=Workflow , INBOUND_MAX_RET_EMAIL_SIZE=100, INBOX
at oracle.apps.fnd.cp.gsc.SvcComponentContainer.handleComponentEvent(
at oracle.apps.fnd.cp.gsc.SvcComponentContainer.onBusinessEvent(


1) Login into MAIL SERVER IMAP using the telnet

telnet 143

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

2) Login into IMAP server using the dedicated account created for the Oracle Workflow Mailer using the login command. (1 i.e. a number before the command is mandatory for all IMAP commands )

1 login <IMAP Account> <IMAP Account password>
1 OK LOGIN completed

3) List all the folders under this account:

1 list "" "*"

The output will show the children and parent directories available for this account and all the folder information displayed in this command output is case sensitive.

The PROCESS and DISCARD folders that might be created at the user level are created under the PARENT INBOX i.e. INBOX.PROCESS and INBOX.DISCARD.

Use the same listed folder names for configuring the workflow mailer to resolve the above error.

If the listing of folder and login to IMAP is not working via the above method, use the below method from open SSL

4) Also check if the IMAP is enabled for the mailbox and no specific rule is there.
In my case, IMAP was not enabled so the workflow was not able to access the folders.

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